In THe Media

The plight of the South Island kōkako is regularly reported in the media.

Although sometimes known as the ‘grey ghost’, the search continues for the South Island kōkako, believed to be the rarest bird in the world; we’re not ready to consign it to the realms of ghosts!

Selected Articles

Native Affairs story about the search + recent encounter (Maori TV, 1 October 2018, from 16’13”)

Over 100 'sightings' of extinct South Island kōkako (NZ Herald, June 2018)

Listen - is this the call of the grey ghost? (NZ Geographic, May 2017)

New encounters with the South Island kōkako (Radio NZ, National, April 2017)

Desperately seeking: the South Island kōkako (Radio NZ, National, January 2017)

Stuff news article with reward (Stuff, January 2017)

Newshub feature as $5000 reward is launched (Newshub, January 2017)

In search of the grey ghost (New Zealand Geographic, Issue 140, 2016)

Kōkako chasers head to the hills (Nelson Mail, 2015)

Mixed reaction to kōkako sighting (Nelson Mail, 2014)

On the grey ghost’s trail (The Dominion Post, 2014)

The plight of the South island kōkako – extinction by armchair? (Mike Lee blog – Waitemata and Gulf Ward Councillor, 2014)

‘Extinct’ South Island kōkako could still be alive (NZ Herald, 2013)

South Island kōkako may still be alive (Radio NZ, National, 2013)

South Island kōkako rediscovered (?) (RadioLive, 2013)

The elusive grey ghost (The Listener, 1987)

Historic Reports

Our vanishing birds (The Evening Post, 1930)

The New Zealand crow (The Evening Post, 1926)

Nature Notes (NZ Herald, 1921)


February 2019 - New encounter map, Tasman hot spot, SI kōkako history …